Tendencies and styles of dance

I tried to do different styles of dance as long until I found one that perfectly suits me. Swing is a dance that is completely suited to my character and temperament. Dance has existed and exists in the cultural traditions of all human societies. Over the long history of mankind it is constantly changing, reflecting the cultural development. There are a myriad of species, styles and dance forms. Dance is used as a way of expression, social communication, for religious purposes, as an adversarial sport and as illustrative art form. Dance helped find and realize me in this life. At first, I decided to try ballroom dancing. Waltz, fakstrod, kvistep and tango were one of the most difficult for me. Latin American dances were given to me with specific labor. I liked Paso doble among Latin American dance the most. Paso doble is a Spanish dance, imitating the bullfight. The main difference from other dance Paso doble - a position the body with chest held high, broad and drooping shoulders, rigidly fixed the head, in some movements tilted forward and down. This formulation of the body corresponds to the character movements' matador. Motion can be interpreted as a battle matador with a bull. Body weight in front, but most of the steps is done with the heel. I like this dance. But when I first tried to swing - dance, I realized that it suits me more. Most species have evolved a swing with the music genre of swing, even though many of these styles and their derivatives are now dancing to modern music. Now swing is common in many developed Western and Asian countries. Many swing dancers today want to dance along several styles of pair dance to improve technique as well as to preserve the historic relationship between the swing era dances 20's - 30's. Traditionally distinguished ball swing and street swing. Ballroom Swing is part of American-style ballroom dancing. Outdoor swing and ballroom swing differ in appearance. Ballroom swing dancing at competitions, it has a well-defined shapes (is a series of linked movements). Street swing dancing in many styles and venues with thousands of differences, and it is very prone to interpretations and interpretations. The historical development of styles of swing dancing followed the development trends of popular music. Charleston danced to ragtime, Lindy hop dancing to swing. Dance helps me to express me. I like to see the happy faces of people who learn to dance.