Dancing is my life

Often we fail to choose what we want in life. So I decided that I needed a career of a lawyer. I graduated from university and found a decent job. I've got a husband. It seems to me that everything is fine and I shall be very happy. But something does not suit me. Namely, I was not happy with my place in life, my style of life. I wanted my life not to be boring. Work is supposed to bring pleasure and joy. It was the moment when I decided to change my life. I decided to go a swing-dance. This style is close to me in spirit. Jazz music is very rhythmic and catchy. Dance is an art form in which the artistic image created by the rhythmic movements of the plastic and change of expression provisions of the human body. Dance is inextricably linked with the music, emotionally-shape the content of which is embodied in its movements, shapes and composition. With dance, we can see and feel the music. Dance - is a huge world and to conquer it one has to have some patience. I initially could not be much. But many training sessions and work on myself gave result. I am currently working as a dance teacher for children. Several days a week I teach swing dancing for adults. People of all ages come to class. Each of the individual students, but they all share one thing - a love for jazz music. There are several styles of swing. It is Lindy Hop, Charleston, Shag, Balboa and Blues. Lindy Hop is the most advanced and most complex form of swing. This style is characterized by the possibility of improvisation and a certain flexibility of rhythmic structure. Balboa is a close contact between partners and fast feet. This style is particularly suitable for fast jazz. Blues today is an informal type of swing without fixed forms, and with more focus on communication, sensitivity, and improvisation, often with strong body contact. There are many styles of dance, each in its own beautiful and unique.